On 16. May 2017 Norwegian producer Oshi Gagani released a debut album with award winning Herbie Kawuma. The duo got linked up one autumn day in Drammen at McDonalds where Oshi presented a track he was still working on to Herbie and that was the spark Maedub needed to light up. During the last two years the duo has been collaboration with numerous artist both locally and internationally. The album is a fusion of dub/ drum'n'bass and afrolectro wher all the recorded tracks has been recorded with one just take. The album became more of a collaborating bedroom production where non of the tracks has been professionally masted. The name Maedub is taken from the albums front figure and model Maedeh.

On an interview in a local news paper the duo said: It has been a privilege working with so talented artist. This album would not be a reality without any of them. We would specially thank AudioAudun and Regina Idu for putting their soul into their work. We humbly thank you guyz. Oshi continues and sais that they are already itching to startup new projects and create new bonds.

There is not much the duo reveals about the significant of this album although they mention certain tracks like Gold and Brother in arms witch is a tribute to Herbies own brother being shot down in the streets of Kampala, Uganda some years back. Joey is referred to the warlord Joseph Kony who has been terrorizing the area.

All the income of this project is predonated to the Light up life foundation supporting unprivileged children in Uganda.