Voyageur Defonce is the result of three years work and collaboration with both national and international artist. The two part mini album could not be a reality without the warm and dedicated hearts of the people innvolved. Fernando Pessoa once said: “We, all who live, have a life that is lived and another life that is thought, and the only life we have it's the one that is divided in right or wrong”. Voyageur defonce is whats left of the memories of a traveler. 

The Cover art Part I is a work by the Minneapolis based digital artist and photographer Jarid Scott. The piece chosen for this album is from Scotts 2017 Anaglych collection. Scott's art illustrates a distorted reality witch suited the theme of this album. You can follow Scott's work here.

The Cover art Part II is a painting by Claudio Granaroli. Granaroli was born in 1939 in Milan and Graduated from academy of fine arts in Milan. We spotted Granaroli's art at Athene Galleri. We dropped by and talked to the ower, Lars. Who gave us permisjon to use the painting as our cover. This painting is a part of a series and we recomend you check out his next ehxibition or work here.

ANNA-LISA KUMOJI has her roots in Norway and Ghana. She is the daughter of the ghanian artist Kofi Kumoji who made the Ghanaian nr1. hit "Anna-Lisa" in 1993. Anna-Lisa is a soul artist, but her repertory contains a wide range of genres including jazz, country, rock´n roll, afrofunk, punk, gospel and pop. Bmajn is Anna-Lisas first dub track with Oshi Gagani. Anna-Lisa is muliti tallented Norwegian artist that caught Oshi's attention.

Genessis Carrillo is a beatiful Venezuelan singer and Bass player who has add the little panache to the track with her awesome interpretation.. You can follow her work on her instagram page.

You can read more about the Voyageur Defonce in the intervjew with


In early years he had an extra ordinary intrest for jazz inspired music from bands like deep purple and The doors. Hes intrest graduatly turned to musicans like Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. The source of his inspiration the last decade has been musicans like Richard Dorfmeister, Stefano Ghittoni and Vlado Dzihan.

Oshi Gagani is a Parse/Norwegian composer. Oshi Gagani has a degree in management and sound-production. Oshi has been producing tracks since 2014. He has been collaborating with both local and international artists, songwriter and producer. 

His first single, Japanese Ninja was a collaboration with norwegian producer DNCE. The single was released in 2015. Oshi Gaganis #Maedub was an experimental album with elements of #Dub, #Reggae, #Jazz and #Electronica. The album was a collaboration with artist like #HerbieKawuma, #AudioAudun, #ReginaIdu #ChrisIvory, #E-lab and #Momy. The album was released spring 2017. The income of the tracks is donated to the #Lightupfundation to support unprivileged children in Uganda.






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